Year 5 Events


11/07/2024 - Musical Singing Performance

Year 5 performed to their family and friends. The theme for the performance was musical songs.


04/07/2024 - Whole School Vote

As this date was the general election, we organised a whole school vote to take place. We had four representatives, who campaigned to the rest of the school about what colour theme they should vote for non-uniform day.

20/05/2024 - 24/05/2024 - Science Week

The theme for science week was Electricity. The children created some posters about some scientists, tested out some electrical circuits, investigated a scribble bot and shared their science experiments with Class 5.

Class 5 and 12 sharing their experiments together.

09/05/2024 - Eurovision Day


09/05/2024 - DT

For part of our Anicent Greeks DT unit, the children taste-tested pitta bread to help with designing and making their own.

06/03/2024 - World Book Day

We spent the day writing our own fairytales based on 'Once Upon a Fairytale'. The children created their own front covers and blurbs for their stories too. 

26/02/2024 - 01/03/2024 - Mill on the Brue

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4







10/02/2024 - Spirituality Day

Our focus for Spirituality Day was 'Prayers'. We looked at the Lord's Prayer in detail and the children wrote the Lord's Prayer up neat and decorated the outside of the prayer showing what it means to them. We also explored colour prayers and gave those a go as well. 

19/01/2024 - People and Places Day

Fo People and Places Day, we looked at Nelson Mandela and looked at how his life linked to one of our gears: emotional intelligence. We started the day by watching a video about his life and the children made notes on how he felt throughout the big events. throughout his life.

After, the children worked together to create two pop art portrait of Nelson Mandela.


12/01/2024 - Identity Club

Year 5 have enjoyed starting their next round of Identity club: Maths art, Chess, Lego and Sign language.

14/12/2023 - Year 5 Christmas Party Day


07/12/2023 - Christmas Jumper Day


05/12/2023 - DT 

For our DT topic, the children sewed their own mini Christmas stocking.

07/11/2023 - Space Dome

For the start of our Science topic 'Earth and Space', Year 5 went in the space dome. This was an introduction to the topic and the children had fun learning about astronauts, the stars and our planets.

03/11/2023 - Spirituality Day

For Spirituality Day, we looked at Holy Trinity Church's 25th Birthday and the Trinity. The children completed some activities around this. As a school, the children created a rainbow mosaic which will be a gift to the church from us. 

Year 5 ended the day by presenting the agape in the church.


17/10/2023 - Class 12's Inspire Morning

Class 12 enjoyed their inspire morning with their adult. The main activity was designing and creating their own prints in the style of William Morris. They had great fun!

13/10/2023 - Times Table Rockstar Day


25/09/2023 - Victorian Day

Year 5 had a great Victorian Day! They dressed up as Victorian children and enjoyed a day full of activities. They were taught by Mr Murphy. They learnt some simple drills, learnt to write on slate and even write with ink. They explored and looked at some Victorian artefacts and enjoyed playing some traditional Victorian games.

Class 12 Victorian Style Photo Class 12 Victorian Day Photo

15/09/2023 - Local Study Trip

Year 5 walked from school into the town centre to compare Victorian Yeovil with modern day Yeovil as part of the Victorians topic. The children had fun stopping at different points comparing the pictures.


Leonardo Virtual Stem Event:

As part of our Arts week, we took part in the Leonardo Primary Glider Challenge Livestream delivered by the Smallpeice Trust.

We loved creating our Gliders and really had to think of the best way to make them to succeed in gliding.

Stage Coach:

As part of our Arts Week, we had Stage Coach come in and do a workshop with us. We really enjoyed doing different drama activities and learning part of a song which we sang and danced to!

Practical Digestive System Task:

In our Teeth and Digestion unit we are learning about the digestive system. Miss Entwistle showed us how the digestive system by using Weetabix, orange juice, water, tights, two paper cups and a bowl.

We started off with eating some Weetabix that went into our stomach. In our stomach, there was some stomach acids (orange juice) and saliva (water). In our stomach, the food got broken up and became mushy. 

It then went from our stomach into the small intestine (tights). All the nutrients needed for our body soaked through the tights into our body. The parts not needed stayed in the small intestine and travelled to the large intestine.

The stool then left the large intestine to the rectum and out through the anus – the digestive system is over!

Brass Music Lessons

We have really been enjoying learning to play the brass instruments on Wednesdays.

School Trip to the Tutankhamun Exhibition

We had a great day on our school trip! We looked round the Tutankhamun Exhibition and enjoyed finding out all about him and Howard Carter who discovered his tomb. We had to find out lots of facts to complete our activity sheet. We loved seeing all the artefacts and really felt as if we were in Egypt!

We enjoyed the gift shop and had to use our money skills to work out what we could afford.

Thankfully, the sun was shining, and we got to enjoy our lunch in Borough Gardens. We then walked to the Roman House to see the ruins.

Ancient Egypt - Canopic Jars

Once the clay had dried, we then painted our Canopic Jars. We are so pleased with how they came out!

Coronation Day

We had so much fun during our special day for the Coronation. We all dressed in red, white and blue. We had a special coronation service where we crowned our very own King. We had Brimsmore Gardens in to help us plant a tree to remember this historic event- the coronation of King Charles III.

We all planted bulbs around the Labyrinth. This was to represent King Charles III passion for the environment and nature.

We all made our own crown which we loved doing.

Planting our Bulbs


Cake Picnic


We really enjoyed sharing our learning with parents and other family members this week. We did Arithmetic, Grammar and an Art / History activity where we made Canopic Jars out of clay. Thank you to all the adults who joined us on these mornings. 

Art – Volcanoes

We linked our Geography unit on Volcanoes with Art. We looked at the famous artist Georges Seurat and his technique of Pointillism. We are really proud of the Art work we have produced and enjoyed learning about the artist!

World Book Day

We loved World Book Day. We enjoyed dressing up and had so many different characters.


In Geography, we have been learning about earthquakes and volcanoes. We were set the challenge of making a volcano model for homework. We enjoyed sharing these with the rest of the school. Everyone put a huge amount of time and effort in to them and we think you will agree, they are all absolutely fantastic! 

Class 9

Class 10

Science Week

In Year 4, we have done so many activities that linked with Earth and Space. We learnt about the moon and created our own model. We looked at the different sizes of the planets in relation to each other – we used our fraction knowledge form Maths to help with this. We created some Art work based on Messier Objects.

We shared all our amazing work to parent that were welcomed in during our Science open afternoon.

Moon Models:

Solar System 

Science Projects:

Science Open Afternoon

English: Writing

We have been looking at Newspaper articles this half term. We have found out how the introduction needs to include the 5 Ws and have practised writing these. We have found out the features of a Newspaper article and used these within our writing.

Our final Newspaper Article was about seeing the rare Northern Lights in Yeovil! We planned to write about this before the Northern Lights were actually seen down in the Southwest. Unfortunately, none of us managed to see them from Yeovil but we saw photos of them at Glastonbury Tor and Stonehenge!

Please enjoy our Newspaper Articles.

Spirituality Day - Lent

Today we have been learning about Lent as part of Spirituality Day. Rev Dan spoke to us about Ash Wednesday and some of us chose to have the sign of the cross put on our foreheads or hands.


Science – Sound

Today, we experimented with how sound can travel. We made telephones that we used to explore how sound can travel through solid items. We explored and used our knowledge from our last unit, States of Matter, and thought about the particles of solids, liquids and gases and how they effect how sound travels through them.

Science – Sound

Today, we looked at how sounds can be made by something vibrating. We explored this by using different instruments and trying to work out how the sound was being made.

We realised that thee instruments made sound by vibrations.

Writing - Recount in Role

We wrote a recount in role, pretending we are a Viking that has taken part in the famous invasion of Lindisfarne. We did one of our amazing double page spread and published our work. 

Look how fantastic they are!

Snow – 18th January

We had so much fun in the snow! For some of us, it was the first time we have experiences snow. The flakes that came down were so big!

DT – Anglo-Saxon Bread

We made some Anglo-Saxon bread in our DT lesson this week. Firstly, we discussed how people had different type of bread depending if they were well off or peasants. We discussed why this may be, looking at the different ingredients.

We designed our bead and then worked in groups to make the bread.

We then got to try our bread! Once we tried our bread we evaluated the bread and thought about how we could improve it next time.  

Maths Day

Look at our great outfits for Maths Day!

We played a Pirate Mystery game where we had to find out which pirate was going to be the next captain, answering Maths Questions.

We loved playing MATHopoly, we got points by answering multiplicationn questions and working our way round the board.

We then played a very tricky mind game called 15 cards. If you fancy a go yourself:

I put down seven of them on the table in a row.

7 cards
The numbers on the first two cards add to 
The numbers on the second and third cards add to 
The numbers on the third and fourth cards add to 
The numbers on the fourth and fifth cards add to 
The numbers on the fifth and sixth cards add to 
The numbers on the sixth and seventh cards add to 

What are my cards?

It took a lot of patience to work this one out!

Computing: Tessellation Christmas Art

This half term, we have been learning how to Tessellate using Microsoft PowerPoint. For our final lesson, we designed our own Christmas Cards using Tessellation. Miss Entwistle thinks they are amazing.

We hope you enjoy your Christmas cards and wish you all a Merry Christmas!

The Match Girl’s Christmas

This half term, Year 4 have been working really hard learning all the songs and lines for our Christmas Production.

It is the first time we have performed since Year 1. We are so proud of everyone for their performance and hope you all enjoyed it too!

Maths: Perimeter

In Maths, we have been learning how to work out the perimeter of rectangle shapes (including squares) and rectilinear shapes.

We have used concrete resources (multilink) to help us work out the perimeter of these shapes. We enjoyed using the concrete resources as it helped us workout how to work out the perimeter.


This unit we have been looking at narratives. We have studied the story ‘The Way Back Home’ by Oliver Jeffers. For our final piece, we published our work across a double spread page. We added a title and some creative art work! We are so proud of our work and we hope you enjoy it too!

Science - States of Matter

Our Science unit is currently States of Matter. We have been learning about the different states of matter and what the particles look like for a solid, liquid and gas. We have also learnt about how States of Matter can change if the temperature changes. This is called melting and freezing. To see it in real life what it looks like when something changes state, we did a chocolate metling experiment! 

We loved the idea of melting chocolate in our lesson. We loved it even more when we got to try the melted chocolate at the end!

Year 3

Spring Term

Here is what we have been up to in the Spring Term!

Ian Bland Poet Visit - 16.3.22

We were lucky enough to receive a visit from the poet Ian Bland. He is a very talented poet who made his poems very fun and exciting with acting and movements. We then attended his workshop and learnt how to write a kenning which is a Viking poem. We worked in pairs to write our own and 6 pairs were lucky enough to read them to the whole school! 

Roman Baths Trip - 9.3.22

Today we went on our trip to Bath. We were able to explore the museum using audiophones that allowed us to listen to different pieces of information about certain points in the museum. It was amazing to see the things we had learnt about in real life including the different rooms, natural hot springs and stonework. We also took part in the Roman Life workshop where we were able to dress up as Romans, create Roman mosaics and see some genuine artefacts used in the Roman Baths such as a strigal. 

Roman Shields - Half Term Homework 

Have a look at our half term homework of making Roman Shields! We had the choice of material and design. It was lovely to see! 

Guinea Pig Care

We have been looking after the guinea pigs by feeding them, changing their water, cleaning them out and of course lots of cuddle! 


As part of our Roman topic, we acted out Boudicca's attack on the Romans. 

  1.  The Romans and Prasutagus making an agreement.
  2. The Roman governor plotting against Prasutagus and killing him.
  3. Boudicca and her daughter angry at this.
  4. Boudicca and her army and the Romans on the battlefield.
  5. The battles of Londinium and Colchester. 
  6. No one knows what happened to Boudicca

World Book Day 2022

Have a look at our costumes for World Book Day! Miss Thomas dressed up as Sebastian from the Little Mermaid, and Mr Bromige dressed up as Mr Bump! 

Art - Van Gogh

This half term we have studied the artist Van Gogh, with a main focus on his Sunflowers - 1887 and Irises -1890. We studied: Van Gogh and his life, the use of watercolours and how to correctly blend these, sketching and creating shapes that are accurate to what we would like to represent and then we created our own Van Gogh inspired paintings! 

Music - Recorders

This half term in music, we have been learning how to play the recorders with Mrs Blake. We have enjoyed learning the notes and applying them to songs! 

Science - Forces

In our science unit of forces, we studied friction and how different surfaces can create more friction. We tested this using a wooden ramp, a toy car, a ruler, carpet, sandpaper and a rubber mat. We put each surface onto the ramp and raised it up the ruler to see how high it needed to go in order for the car to start moving. The higher the ramp, the more friction there is. The surface that created the most friction was the carpet! 

Spirituality Day

The focus for this spirituality day was 'Let Your Light Shine' where we thought about all our talents. We wrote our names on a piece of paper and passed it round where everyone wrote one thing they thought we were good at. By the end, we had 30 things written down that others thought we were good at! 

Then, we decided to represent letting our light shine through art. We used watercolours to paint pictures of a light house, a scenic sunset or a candle. 

Autumn Term

Here is what we have been up to in the Autumn Term! 

Christmas Frames

The theme for the Christmas Frames this wear was 'Christmas Around the World'. We decided to choose Romania and look at their Christmas traditions. The tradition we decided to focus on was that of 'Mos Niculae' or more commonly known as 'St Nicholas'.

The Christmas season in Romania is kicked off by the arrival of St.Nicholas (Mos Niculae) on December 6. This tradition is a favourite amongst the children. On this night they know they will receive small gifts in their boots from St. Nicholas. But only if they were good! Otherwise, instead of presents they will receive a stick!

On the evening of December 5 every child must clean a pair of their shoes and leave it by the door, hoping that Old St. Nick will leave a present for them. The gifts are usually small and symbolic, like crayons, or watercolors, often just oranges or chocolate. But children enjoy them just the same.

We each made our own boot filled with presents delivered by Mos Niculae, and made the frames 3D by putting the boots on some snow covered steps. We loved seeing our work up! 


Break the Rules Day - 15.12.21 

Today was 'Break the Rules Day'! This was a great day and there were many rules to break such as, crazy hair, wearing bright socks and wearing pyjamas to school! Lots of money was raised and everyone had fun! 


Christmas Jumper Day - 10.12.21

Today was Christmas Jumper Day! We were able to celebrate the day by wearing a Christmas jumper or t shirt in order to raise money for Save the Children. Today was also Christmas Dinner day, yummy! 


Art – Alberto Giacometti

In our art unit for this half term, we have studied a sculpture artist called Alberto Giacometti. One of the main focusses, was that his sculptures grew smaller and thinner, some were as small as 7cm! We decided to make some human sculptures inspired by him using foil. This linked to our Stone Age topic, as the sculptures looked similar to Stone Age Cave Paintings of humans!

Stone Age Necklaces - DT

To help us bring our Stone Age topic to life, we made our own Stone Age Necklaces using clay. First, we researched some Stone Age necklaces to help us get an understanding of what we were creating. Next, we recapped some 3D shapes. We then used the research and 3D shapes to design 2 Stone Age necklaces. We chose our favourite and created them! We had to make sure we had the holes big enough so the string could fit, and that we followed our designs to make them accurate.

Biscuit Stonehenge

As part of our Stone Age unit and in preparation for our trip, we created Stonehenge out of biscuits! Prior to this, we looked at the different lines you can see at Stonehenge (e.g. vertical and perpendicular) and created it ourselves!

Diva Lamps

In our Hinduism RE unit, we focussed on the festival and celebrations of Diwali. We discovered that Hindus will create diva lamps and light tealights in them. This is to symbolise the diva lamps that were laid out to guide Rama and Sita home. We made our own diva lamps out of clay and painted them in bright colours. We then turned off the lights, and lit our own candles! 

Stonehenge Art

Following our visit to Stonehenge, we decided to paint it from memory at sunset! We used watercolours and blended them to create some beautiful, scenic landscapes. 

Stonehenge Trip - 12.10.21

This year we were lucky enough to go to Stonehenge! It feels like a lifetime ago we went on a school trip. We completed a Neolithic Life workshop where we looked at Stone Age houses, Stone Age clothes, how the stones were transported to Stonehenge and what Stonehenge used to look like when it was first built compared to nowadays.

We also went up to see the stones, sat down and sketched what we could see.

Tag Rugby Visit - 4.10.21

We were lucky enough to receive a visit from some tag rubgy coaches who taught us how to play the game as well are mini games. It was great to learn a new sport. 

M&M Productions

We were lucky enough to have the drama company 'M&M Productions' come in and perform 'The Wizard of Oz'. It was strange because covid meant only one actor could come in. She was very clever, as there was a big screen that acted the story out too! It was very funny! 

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