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Whole School Vote

The general election was on Thursday 4th July. On this day, we organised a whole school vote to take place. We had four representatives, who campaigned to the rest of the school about what colour theme they should vote for non-uniform day.

The winning colour was blue!

British Red Cross Charity Fundraiser - June 2024

Evie and Isabella (with the help of a few friends) in Class 14 organised a charity fundraiser.  They had already raised over £700 between them through sponsored walks and activities but wanted to go furhter.  They organised a mini fete where all children within the school could attend and take part in some activities whilst selling tickets for some extra stalls if children wanted to try.  They also organised a cake sale and cake competition to raise extra funds.   In total, the mini fete and cake sale raised £510, taking their total to over £1000!! 

Special thanks goes out to the girls who have shown all of the Rainbow Values in action, and also some volunteers from the HTSA: Angela, Beth and Anna.




Yeovil Town Football Club Trophy Tour - May 2024

Yeovil Town Football Club visited Holy Trinity with the National League South Trophy after the local team won the league.


Royal Marines Band Service Performance - May 2024

We were thrilled to welcome musicians from the Royal Marines Band Service to perform a short concert to the whole school. We thoroughly enjoyed singing and dancing along and the performance was enjoyed by all pupils and staff!

World Book Day - March 2024



Key Stage 2 took part in the NSPCC ROCKS event (Times Table Rockstars)! This was to make awareness to the NSPCC charity as well as competing against other schools and classes.

As a school, we came 63rd out of 3793 schools! A fantastic achievement!

We also competed against classes in our own school and the winners are:

1st  Class 12

2nd  Class 9

3rd  Class 10

Individual winners:

1st Livvy Class 12

2nd Liam Class 12

3rd Alan  Class 9


People and Place Day – January 2024

We held a school People and Place Day, This day links with both History and Geography where we learnt about a significant individual who influenced the UK. Below you can see which significant individual each year group found out about and why they influenced the UK.

Reception - David Attenborough (United Kingdom): Renowned naturalist and broadcaster, educating children about the wonders of the natural world and conservation.

Year 1 - Yuri Gagarin (Russia): The first human in space, sparking interest in space exploration and the wonders beyond our planet.

Year 2 -William the Conqueror (France): Norman conqueror who shaped England's history after the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

Year 3 - Matsuo Basho (Japan): Haiku master and poet, introducing children to the beauty of nature and concise, expressive writing.

Year 4 -Mahatma Gandhi (India): Leader of the Indian independence movement, whose philosophy of nonviolence inspired civil rights movements globally, including in the UK.

Year 5 - Nelson Mandela (South Africa): Anti-apartheid revolutionary and former President of South Africa, whose global influence included inspiring movements for equality in the UK.

Year 6 – Marie Curie (Poland/France): Renowned scientist born in Poland, who made significant contributions to the fields of physics and chemistry and impacted scientific advancements in the UK.

Bishop Michael - Autumn Term 2023

We were very lucky to be visited by Bishop Michael who was visiting Holy Trinity Church as part of their 25th birthday celebrations. As as school, we had created a mosaic rainbow with each child laying a piece. The raibbow was give as a gift to the Chruch and is displayed above the main doors. Bishop Michael and Rev Dan led a worship and the children were able to ask questions. Bishop Michael then toured the school to say hellow to all the children. 


Times Table Rockstar Day –  October 2023

We had a great day celebrating Times Table Rockstar Day in school. We all dressed up as Rockstars and did a range of different activities depending on our age.

For example:

  • Design our own rockstar
  • Battle of the Bands against another class
  • Battled against individuals
  • Designed our own guitar
  • Times Table Songs

Look how much fun we had:

Coronation Day:

We had so much fun during our special day for the Coronation. We all dressed in red, white and blue. We had a special coronation service where we crowned our very own King. We had Brimsmore Gardens in to help us plant a tree to remember this historic event- the coronation of King Charles III.

We all planted bulbs around the Labyrinth. This was to represent King Charles III passion for the environment and nature.

We had a special picnic lunch and all enjoyed some cake in the afternoon as part of our celebrations!

Coronation Service:

Tree Planting for the coronation of King Charles III


Great Coronation Bake off Winners:

Great Coronation Bake Off:

World Book Day 


Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Stamp Competition Winners

Easter Service 

On April 8th we had our first Easter Service in the church since 2019! It was led by our year 4 children who did a brilliant job. It was very special to be back in the church for this spcial moment. 


Thank you so much for your Harvest gifts. The Lords Larder were delighted to receive them. We shared a Worship led by Year 2 and created colourful Autumn Wreaths.

40th Birthday Party

We are very proud that our beautiful school is 40th this year. We celerbrated with the children by singing happy birthday and cutting a cake on Friday 10th and then we had a big party after school on the September 17th. It was great to have so many people there after the Covid-19 problems. 

Christmas Nativity Art Work



Easter Raffle

Easter number raffle raised £332 . A big thank you to everyone who took part. From the school association. 

Holy Trinity Rainbows 

It has been lovely to see the use of the rainbow as a symbol of hope. The children at Holy Trinity has created some and displayed them for people outside our school to see. 

Growing Area

Whilst the school has been closed, Mr Bicknell has been preparing the new growing area.

Sport Relief - Friday 13th March

Thank you to everybody who helped raise over £400 for sport relief.  As part of the day, we challenged the children to travel as far as they could around Tom's Track, in the hope of at least surpassing the eight celebrities' 100mile distance in the 'heat is on' challenge.  We are pleased to say that the children smashed that and ammased over 530miles!


World Book Day - Dressing Up Day March 6th 

We had a lovely day celebrating books and it was wonderful to see so many children and staff dressed as their favourite characters. The day was a great opportunity to share and create stories.

World Book Day - Books At Bed Time March 5th 

92 children joined us for Books at Bed Time, to hear stories read by members of staff and share a hot chocolate, thanks to the School Association.

27th February 2020: Yeovil Town FC, Adopt-a-School

We are delighted to announce that Holy Trinity has been chosen to be apart of the Yeovil Town Football Club's 'Adopt-a-School Programme.'  On Thursday we were visited by coach, Lewis Winter along with two players: Matt Worthington and Tom Whelan who presented the school with T-shirts, some free tickets and a signed first-team shirt to an upcoming game.  

We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with them.


25th February 2020: Willow Dome

On Tuesday, we welcomed Jo Saddler, a professional willow sculpture to help create a new, wonderful space for out outdoor area.  A team of year 5/6 children were shown the initial design and techniques to help create the dome, and the were then able to lead other members of years 5 and 6 to its completion; we look forward to it blossoming over the coming months.



17th December 

Today we had our Work of the Term Worship, where we celebrated children who have been excellent role models. We also introduced our new Sports Awards which were in recognition this term for repect in sports performances. Three of our children also won our purple ticket award for effort in their classes. 

16th December 

Today we invited parents and friends of the school to listen to Christmas Carols and look at the Christmas Art that the children have produced. Holy Trinity Choir also sung to parents at the end of the event and were brilliant!

18th November

Our whole school worship today was led by a group of children called the 'Eco Kids' who have been inspired by our value of being responsible and how we can responsibly look after our beautiful planet. They presented to the school some important messages on how we could make a difference in a responsible and respectful way to our planet. We are very proud of them and look forward to the fund raising ideas they are developing. 


11th November - Remembrance

Holy Trinity Church School gathered together as a whole community by our Labyrinth. Each class from 5-14 completed a reading and a member from each class walked the laybrinth to lay a wreath. It is such an important time to reflect on the importance of never forgetting.

10th November

Holy Trinity Church School's choir joined Holy Trinity Beavers, Holy Trinity Cubs and Holy Trinity Scouts for the Remembrance service at Holy Trinity Church. It was a very poignant moment to be reminded of the sacrifice people have made, are making and will make for our freedom.

4-10-2019 Harvest Festival Worship: 

Thank you to our Year 2 children for leading our special Harvest worship, and to all the parents, grandparents and friends of the school who joined us. Also, thank you to all the people who donated to the Lord's Larder. 


27-9-2019 Ice Creams

A big thank you to the School Association for providing every child an ice cream.

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