Year 6 Events

2023 - 2024

London Trip Feb 7th 2024

The children have had a lovely day. They enjoyed seeing the sights of London from the coach. We walked through Hyde Park which was really interesting and then into the science museum where we explored the different level - they all enjoyed the shop!

Christmas Cards inspired by Ben Kandinsky

We created covers for our Christmas cards inspired by Ben Kandinsky - an abstract artist who uses 2D shapes and contrasting colours to create his images. Our artwork was also inspired by the song 'Somewhere In My Memory' by John Williams, which is also the theme song from Home Alone! 

Leonardo Stem Day - 

STEM: Year 6 were visited by apprentices from Leonardo to help run a STEM day.  The class were challenged to build a track that would help them (a ping-pong ball) escape from the top of a pyramid, safely to the ground.  Afterwards, the children were challenged to build a boat that would help them continue their escape across the Nile.

14/11/23: Class 13's Rosie Visit 

Miss Thomas's dog came to meet Class 13. She had a lovely time and it so nice to see some happy faces from the children who loved cuddling and stroking her!

DT - World War 2 Planes 
To link in with our WW2 topic in History, we researched, designed, made and evaluated some wooden planes. We linked this to Maths to ensure we had the right angles for the wings and accurate measurements. 


04/07/2023 - BWMAT's 10th Birthday

For the BWMAT's birthday, we made party poppers for the celebration.

09/06/2023 - Break the Rules Day


17/05/2023 - Geography

For our Geography topic ‘Intrepid Explorers’, the children learnt about biomes across the world. The children located the different biomes on a world map and then created posters about the different biomes they had learnt.

05/05/2023 - The King's Coronation Day at school


18/04/2023 - DT

For our DT topic, the children taste-tested different types of pitta bread, designed their pitta bread shapes, made their own pitta bread and evaulated it. This linked to our topic 'Ancient Greeks'.

30/03/2023 - DT

The children created their own Parthenons in DT. This linked to our topic 'Ancient Greeks'.

21/03/2023 - World Book Day 2023

We enjoyed our delayed World Book Day. The children dressed up as their favourite book character and we created our own moving book cover.

17/03/2023 - Year 5 Easter Art - The Empty Tomb


06/03/2023 - 10/03/2023 - Science Week

The whole school enjoyed the themed Science Week - Earth and Space!

Class 12's science projects:

In Year 5, we created a 'Solar System in my Pocket' which show the size and distance relative to the Sun on a strip of paper.


We took part in a space themed science experiment too. The children made their own rockets and decided how many fins their rocket would have. We tested the rockets as a class to see whose went the furthest. We used the results table to spot any patterns that we noticed.

Finally, we looked at the International Space Station (ISS) and created a phrase book that the astronauts could use. Currently, the astronauts on the ISS are from America, Russia and Japan so the children translated some phrases that the astronauts may have to use.


27/02/2023 - 03/03/2023 - Mill on the Brue

Year 5 had an incredible week at Mill on the Brue! The children completed a lot of activities: zip wire, canoeing, tower jump, challenge tracks, crate stack, climbing, great egg race and crazy olympics. They also experience their first residential trip at school. They had a brilliant time!


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4





24/02/2023 - Spirituality Day

For Spirituality Day, we looked at Lent. We started the day looking at what Lent is and researched this further. The children completed posters on this.

Rev Dan and Daniel England came into school to talk about Ash Wednesday. The children had a chance to have an ash cross on their forehead or hand.


18/01/2023 - Snow Day!


13/01/2023 - Science

For our science topic this term, we have been looking at ‘Forces’. The children tested the weight of objects and recorded the information in Newtons.

We also tested different materials to find the best air resistance for our own parachutes.

We have also tested water resistance by finding the best streamline shapes.

13/01/2023 - Maths Day

15/12/2022 - DT - Victorian Sweets

For our other DT unit, the children made peppermint creams as it was a popular Victorian sweet.

14/12/2022 - DT - Sewing

The children designed, created and evaluated their own Christmas stockings. The children used felt to create their Christmas decoration and used their sewing techniques of running and blanket stitch to sew the felt together. 

11/11/2022 - Remembrance Day


10/11/2022 - Class 12's Inspire Morning

Class 12 enjoyed their inspire morning with their adult. The main activity was designing and creating their own prints in the style of William Morris. They had great fun!

03/11/2022 - Space Dome

Year 5 had a visit from the space dome to start their science topic 'Earth and Space'.

20/10/2022 - Year 5 Art work


26/09/2022 - Victorian Day

Year 5 dressed up as Victorian children and enjoyed a day full of activities. They were taught by Mr Murphy. They learnt some simple drills, learnt to write on slate and even write with ink. They explored and looked at some Victorian artefacts and enjoyed playing some traditional Victorian games.

16/09/2022 - Harvest

For Harvest this year, Year 5 created their own artwork pieces. The children were given some cornfield art as inspiration. The children worked in groups to create their own cornfield art pieces using watercolours.

2021 - 2022

21.07.2022 - Ancient Egyptian Day

We had a great day celebrating our Ancient Egyptian topic! The children all came in dressed up as a figure from Ancient Egypt or wearing one thing related to the topic. They looked wonderful and we had a fun filled day!

W/C 27.06.2022 - Science Week

We have had an amazing week celebrating Science. We shared experiments with Class 3, started work to plant some food for the Guinea Pigs and became experts on Circuits! Please see some photos below.

Sharing Experiments

Becoming an Expert

W/C 20.06.2022 - Arts Week

We have had a lovely week celebrating the Arts! We celebrated International Music Day by learning 'This is Me' and adding actions to it. We also created some posters about what Music meant to us. 

We then created some Art work. The children had creative freedom to draw whatever they wanted that representing themselves or their feelings at the time.

15.06.2022 - Science

We enjoyed learning about the digestive system in Science.

25.05.2022 - Jubilee Day

We had a great time celebrating Jubilee Day today! We designed stamps, made party hats and presented our Jubilee art work in Worship. 

24.05.2022 - Ice Cream!

We had a visit from an Ice Cream van today. The children loved having their ice creams at playtime and really enjoyed them!

Anglo Saxon Bread - 20.05.2022

To follow on from our Settlers and Invaders topic, we made and tried Anglo Saxon Bread! The children enjoyed making it but think they prefer the bread we eat now!

Class 10 PJ Day for Burndi - 06.05.2022

Easter - 06.04.2022

We have enjoyed making Easter Cards this week. There were some amazing designs and the children took great pride in their work. 

Spirituality Day - 01.04.2022

The children had a great time during Spirituality Day learning and thinking about Burundi. They created a fundraising idea in groups to help raise money and presented their ideas to the rest of the class. 

World Book Day 03.03.2022

Week Beginning 14.02.2022

This week, we were in charge of looking after the school Guinea Pigs. We learnt about feeding them and keeping them safe, warm and clean. The children loved having this responsibility and we were able to link this to our half term's Rainbow Value of Responsibility. The children had great fun holding them too!


Year 4 have been learning about Living Things and created a model of a Living Thing in their DT lessons. We designed, made and evaluated our model. 

Science - Exploring Sound

Year 4 have been exploring sound and vibrations. They created some string telephones and made a model ear drum. When the drum was used to make a loud sound, the cling film vibrated, causing the rice to 'jump'. 

Spring Term - Brass

Year 4 are having Brass lessons on a Friday morning. They are learning about pitch, tone and beat. There are some photos below and there will be more uploaded over the next few weeks!

12.01.2022 - Art Frames

Year 4 have been busy creating Art Frames to go up around the school. Our chosen focus was the four elements (Fire, Earth, Wind and Water). The children had the freedom to choose how they wanted to represent each of the elements on their Art Frame template. They created some amazing pieces of work!

07.01.2022 - Spirituality Day

The theme for our Spirituality Day was 'Let your Light Shine'. We discussed how our light is made, how we can share it with others and how to make it brighter. We passed a candle round our class circle which symbolised our individual light and shared our talents, gifts and what kind of person we are. We used this to design a candle and a lighthouse. We also watched the Agape and shared marshmallows. 

15.12.2021 - Break the Rules Day

02.12.2021 - Christmas Art Frames

The children enjoyed creating their Christmas Art Frames for the display. Each year group had a country to focus on and Year 4's country was Italy. The children researched Christmas in Italy before creating their artwork around this. 


09.11.2021 - Animal Education Visit

Year 4 had an Animal Education Visit today. The children held all the animals including a snake! They learnt about classification and what is needed to classify different animals into their animal groups. 


21.10.2021 - Creating Globes

In our Geography unit, we have been looking at the different features of the world. We followed this up by creating our own globes in Art using our knowledge of where the continents, the equator and the hemispheres are. 

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